Greg Kwiatek

Artist's Website

The work on this website actually cover three different directions that my work is concerned with at this time. The works entitled "Dark Ages" are metaphorical projections of the political times that we now face after the election of 2016.  The painting entitled "Directors Cut" is my way of diverting my attention to another approach to painting, which at times is necessary to get away from the dark side of my sensibility. Finally, the needlepoint "Global Sunset" is part of a body of work that I started making in 2011. This was a result of learning this process through a friend. The needlepoints have opened another side of myself, which expands the overall horizon of my work as an artist.

The painting entitled "Moon Flag" is a large three-paneled work that required a six year concentration. I've been making moon paintings for many years. It was my intention in this work to make a flag painting. So I combined that idea with the moon and figurative events that evolved from my studies of seaweed on Louds Island in Maine.