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Summerworks Exhibition


Moa Alskog

Anne Louise Blicher

Alex Gingrow

Paul John

Patte Loper

Anne-Mette Schultz

Xin Song

Wilfred Wagner


Curated by Deric Carner and Natalia Nakazawa

July 17th to July 27th, 2019
Opening: July 17th, 6-8 pm


EFA is pleased to present Summerworks, an exhibition featuring Danish artists Moa Alskog, Anne Louise Blicher, Anne-Mette Schultz, and Wilfred Wagner paired with EFA Member artists Alex Gingrow, Paul John, Patte Loper, and Xin Song. The visiting artists are participating in a month long International Partnership residency at EFA created in partnership with Art Hub Copenhagen and Bikuben Foundation. The program focuses on specialty printmaking techniques available at the EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop and professional development resources offered by the EFA Studio Program. The paired artists were selected for their shared formal or thematic interests. Works on view deal with nature and summertime experiences as a source of pleasure and social critique.

Patte Loper and Anne Louise Blicher have created site specific works that subvert classical landscape’s ideals of patriarchy and ownership in favor feminist multitude and ecological balance. Blicher’s work seeks to change the static postcard view of landscape by rendering nature as a sensed landscape, an ecology of dynamic parts in complex interaction with their surroundings. Patte’s wall painting is based on her “Yaddo Protest Garden” series which counters the formalism of rose gardens with references to leftist feminist politics and includes the Zapatists slogan One No, Many Yeses. 

Moa Alskog presents as elegiac video about the wild harebell flower in her native Sweden which speaks of both the fragility and tenacity of life.  Also by Alskog are a pair of mythic drawings of women giving birth, frogs, and frog-humans. These are paired with Xin Song’s cut paper images of women in environments of abundant vegetation. Song uses pornography images as models for her women and invents wild landscapes for them to inhabit.

Anne-Mette Schultz and Alex Gingrow share an interest in language and letterforms. Anne-Mette Schultz is developing a series entitled Nocturnal Language which reflects on letters such as the O’s and B’s seen here. These letters, in her sonic and bodily consideration, become eyes and holes, butts and breasts. Interspersed with these smaller pieces are large text paintings by Alex Gingrow. Her texts are powerful personal responses to experiences of powerlessness, dislocation, and indignation at sexist rhetoric and behavior.

Paul John and Wilfred Wagner collaborated to create a risograph book titled “Portrait / Landscape”. Based on images taken in area surrounding EFA in midtown, the artists used the color mixing and overprinting features of the riso machines to create a kaleidoscopic portrait of the chaos and energy of the city in the summer. Books can be purchased for $20.00.

Image: Moa Alskog, Woe to anyone for whose sake the meadow sighs and the bumblebee weep! (2018), 10:00 min.

Earlier Event: July 17
Summer Cocktails
Later Event: October 17