Ryan Sarah Murphy

Artist's Website

I make collages using found and collected cardboard. I am interested in how this simple, abundant and inherently impermanent material can be structured into surfaces that convey both formation and dilapidation simultaneously. Referencing architecture, landscape and the topographical intersection of urban & natural environments, these constructions are sculptural in form, coming off the wall in various layers suggestive of odd terrains, infrastructures and skylines. The dualities of growth and decay, building and razing, maintenance and destruction are all explored within these quiet peripheries.

Born in Rutland, Vermont in 1978, Ryan Sarah Murphy received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2001. Her work has been shown in national & international gallery and museum exhibitions including: Mixed Greens Gallery (New York, NY), Radiator Arts (Long Island City, NY), Liliana Bloch Gallery (Dallas, TX), and the Millenaris Cultural Center (Budapest, Hungry).