The EFA Studio Program offers a 15-week Internship for current, graduate and undergraduate students with interest in the Visual Arts. The internship is an opportunity to gain insight into the lives of working artists, as well as the intricacies of running a nonprofit organization. Primary tasks include, administrative work, artist assistantship, along with educational field trips and one on one time with a range of Arts Professionals.

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"It was very different than what an art class would teach you. You get to interact with someone who has experience in the art world. They talk to you about everything from their styles of painting to their daily routines in life." - Lenny Macareno (Spring 2016)

" Overall I felt excited to have the opportunity to meet professional artists from such a large variety of backgrounds. My experience with the Elizabeth Foundation of the Arts has been insightful, inspiring, and above all, fun!"- Rachel Chaldu (Summer 2015) 

" Working at EFA Studios has been a wonderful experience. The Studio staff is extremely helpful and treats their interns very well. Bill and Natalia are so kind, passionate and genuinely care for their work, each other and the interns. Also, working with various artists has been the highlight of this internship."- Shusma Parmar (Summer 2015)


FALL 2017:

Allen Ball
Pratt Institute
MFA, Painting, 2019

Cameron Meade
Pratt Institute
MFA, Painting, 2018

I really enjoyed being in the space, the ecosystem. I got an informative glimpse of the administrative aspects of an arts non-profit organization. The opportunity to communicate and network with all the wonderful artists there (at least the ones I had a chance to meet) was special and exciting. I enjoyed the informal yet highly professional work environment, and appreciated the level of exposure to working artists and arts administrators.
— Li Fong (Summer 2017)
EFA’s nurturing environment made my time interning absolutely incredible. I really appreciate having the opportunity to be exposed to and to work with a network of exceptional artists. Being at EFA helped me develop my network and networking abilities. I found everyone in the program enjoyable to work with.
— HC Huynh (Fall 2015)