New Member Exhibition

Fanny Allié
Adam Hurwitz
Sophie Kahn
Arghavan Khosravi
Doron Langberg
Heather Bause Rubinstein

Curated by Bill Carroll

Fanny Allié,  The Pearl,  2019, collage and mixed media on fabric

Fanny Allié, The Pearl, 2019, collage and mixed media on fabric


September 17 to December 6, 2019
Opening: September 17, 6-8 pm

NEW YORK, NY 10018


The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts extends a warm welcome to the six artists joining the EFA Studio Program in 2019. The group began their two-year renewable membership in May. The group of artists was chosen from hundreds of applications by a jury of arts professionals. As members of the program, they receive a subsidized studio in our Midtown Manhattan arts building, along with participation in an active program of professional development. They join a community of over one hundred internationally active, and highly professional, New York City-based artists. EFA Studios is a diverse community in gender, age, race, and countries of origin. Of these six new members, Australia, France, Iran, Israel, and the United States are represented. The New Member Exhibition showcases the work of these exceptional new members which include paintings, digital media, and fabric collage.

About the Artists

Ranging from collages, collagraph prints, installations, and mixed media, Fanny Allié's practice is based on the relationship between the body, the human and the urban landscape. Her work is inspired by remnants, refuse and the overlooked and lost elements of daily existence.
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Adam Hurwitz creates striking videos which explore the texture and melancholy of memory. The unsentimental recollections are recreated from the ground up with computer animation software, imparting an uncanny, dreamlike quality to the simulacrum of a remembered world.
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Sophie Kahn's work deals with hysteria, disability and women's bodies. She uses precision 3D scanners designed for still objects to record moving bodies. This results in damaged scan data which she uses to create 3D sculptures, prints, and videos. View Portfolio

Arghavan Khosravi's paintings weave multilingual narratives, combining traditional Islamic motifs with surrealist and contemporary visual elements. Her work is linked to her life experience growing up in Tehran and now living in the US. Her paintings describe the double life adhering to Islamic Law in public, while still being able to think and act freely in private.
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Doron Langberg makes large-scale oil paintings of his friends, lovers, and family with a focus on love and desire. Formal elements like gesture, color, and the materiality articulate intimate relationships with his subjects and shape the painting’s emotional narrative. Doron creates lush environments that humanize queer pleasure, friendship, and intimacy.
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The paintings of Heather Bause Rubinstein explore the material properties of fabrics, subjecting them to various procedures including folding, staining, dyeing, crumpling, cutting, stitching, sewing, patterning and brushwork. She uses domestic fabrics such as bedsheets, drapes or table linens to create feminist paintings informed by postwar European abstraction and the Pattern & Decoration movement.
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The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (EFA) is a 501 (c) (3) public charity. Through its three core programs, EFA Studio Program, EFA Project Space, and the EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, EFA is dedicated to providing artists across all disciplines with space, tools and a cooperative forum for the development of individual practice. The EFA Studio Program was founded in 1998 as a program of The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts to provide affordable private studio spaces, facilitate career development, and promote public and critical exposure for our members. We host curated exhibitions featuring studio member artists on the third floor.

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