Alex Gingrow

Artist's Website

On January 1, 2013, I began keeping a daily log of my thoughts and activities of the day. I was interested in exploring the passage of time as it relates to both the mind and the body—the two elements that make up our individuality. I created my own calendar template with a wisdom (thought) of the day in the upper left corner, and lines for the speaker to fill in her own activities for the day.  I was interested in the absurdity and tenderness of the speaker feeding the calendar page into her typewriter to document her daily movement with the understanding that the page is meant to be wadded up and thrown away before the stroke of midnight. I continued the documentation throughout 2013. Each graphite, ink, and acrylic painting on paper takes approximately 2-3 full studio days to complete--an expanse of time dedicated to recording a relative blip of time. The white areas of each piece are comprised of tiny brush marks. At a distance, the work is meant to look like a mechanical reproduction. However, on closer inspection, the artist’s hand, touch, and devotion become evident through the repetitive mark. The series will culminate in a large installation of all 365 days of the calendar with an existing installation of a vintage desk, chair, lamp, and typewriter and a letterpress printed, handbound, editioned book series of the calendar days—an homage to the poetic and literary components of the text.