Adam Parker Smith

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Constructing kinetic and animated painting, sculpture, video, assemblage, and collage Adam Parker Smith forms visual paradoxes and parodies of reality describing phenomenon isolated from the everyday and glorified.  Moments drawn from a wide range of political, personal, and fantastical scenarios establish psychological sites for disparate elements to congregate in environments that are simultaneously haunting, familiar and alien.   With irreverence toward medium-specificity, materials are mined from vernacular culture, hardware stores and museums.   Conflating painting with sculpture, mass-produced objects and imagery with high-art conventions, Smith evoke a mischievous and belligerent pop-art lineage that mimics the human endeavor to understand the universe through a bizarre confluence of real events, daydreams and preexisting fables. Simple pranks and tongue in check humor erode to display undercurrents of biting dissatisfaction and dysfunction. With no attempt to disguise the material makeup, Smith's methods of construction parallel the imperfections, flaws and vulnerability reveled in the subject’s characters.