Jaq Belcher

Artist's Website

Jaq Belcher is Australia born and has been living in New York for the past six years. She obtained a Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts from Melbourne University and Master of Arts from the college of Fine Arts University of NSW. In New York she has studied periodically at the National Academy of Fine Art.

Her work evolves from a passion for simplicity and purity. The essence of the animate and inanimate, a white sheet of paper, reflection, light, the void, the veil, perception. That which is unseen but exists, the energy that pervades all of life. Her abstract drawings often derive from ideas about the etheric human and energies surrounding the body. Her inspiration stems from an interest in the esoteric, the science of consciousness and yoga.

In 1993 Jaq was awarded the State prize for the emerging artists from Craft Victoria. She has received a number of awards from the National Academy for abstract drawing including the Mary Hinman Carter Prize. She was the recipient of a six month residency at the Factory, Mott Haven, the Bronx where she also had her first solo show at Haven Arts in 2005. Her work is in numerous private collections in Australia, Asia and the USA.