Miriam-Josephine Alcott

Artist's Website

I use everyday materials to construct sculptural narratives. Creating theatric vignettes composed of animal, human, and anthropromorphic figures in landscapes and architectural forms, the work evokes psychological experience. These dramas have mythological, folkloric, symbolic and iconic reference and a dreamlike, other-worldly character. They have tangible qualities, yet are not quite definitive in their meaning. I am exploring the tension between the “reality” and the “constructed reality” of self-identification, incorporating contradictions of fortitude and fragility, fact and belief, erosion and durability and the elements of time, fear and physicality. The small scale, detailed pieces draw the viewer to scrutinize the objects, making their personal perspectives significant in the experience of the work. Juxtaposing materials, using low-tech construction processes (sculpting, photo ink transfer, handwriting, basic carpentry) ensures the imperfect touch is imbedded in the work.