Nicolae Golici

Artist's Website

Sometimes my sculptures look like snapshots of a developing matter where the equilibrium can be easily disturbed in any moment or can be emulated. There is a struggle between the interior expansive forces of
growth of an organism and the exterior uncontrollable forces of the environment.

I think of this as the visual expression of our human condition. Modular elements are joined together in a sequence which suggest the unstoppable movement of matter. It also alludes to the passage of time we can witness but we can not stop from rolling.

Most of the time I use construction wood as my building material because I found its abstract organic shape perfect for describing systems of growth in nature. They are like atoms: construction units, with simple geometric forms.

There is also another level of reading my sculpture: these ... ”constructions allude to molecular models, crystals and growth charts without mimicking them. Instead, they suggest the relationship of these things with sociopolitical systems”... (The New York Times, Sunday, May 9 1993, Personal Icons: Exploring Space by Helen R. Harrison)   

In works like “GE-Seed-GPB 1”,”GE -Seed-GPB 2” (where GPB is the encoding for General Purpose Bomb), I bring to attention the danger implied in manipulating natural forces. These genetically modified organisms (GMO) can spread through Nature and interbreed with natural organisms, thereby contaminating non GE environments and future generations in an unforeseeable and uncontrollable way. We are witnessing the effort made by some scientists to turn the environment into a gigantic genetic experiment fueled only by commercial interests.