Alice Hope

Artist's Website

1. All the enclosed images are held together only by magnetism-there is no other binding-adhering element.
2. The work withstands changes in temperature and humidity. The interactions remain intact (ex: image 2) over time an despite gravity. The main threat to the work is human touch.
3. I have been simultaneously experimenting with pattern and magnetism. All of the images except for image 1 are variations of an inherent pattern in magnetism that I uncovered while experimenting. I did not impose the pattern in images 4, 6, 8, and 10; I set up conditions for the pattern to emerge. I imploded and exploded the found pattern by varying the size of magnet and grade of iron fillings.
4. I think mostly minimalism, field painting, earthworks, and aboriginal art influence this body of work.
5. I believe the art in this work is the tension between the desire to touch the work while knowing touch's destructibility-essentially the tension between desire and the forbidden.
6. I collaborate with natural forces. The magnetic fields are my most developed work, though I also work with corrosion and evaporation.