Katinka Mann 

Artist's Website

My work is abstract, minimal and lyrical. I have been blurring the line between sculpture and painting using a trapezoid since the 1960’s. The trapezoid challenges my process while exploring form, color and light. 

I keep the sculptural mass to a bare minimum using form as a major component. I use color and luminosity to portray energy which emanates from the reflective painted aluminum surface. 

My goal is to expand perceptual awareness. To do this my work uses many paradoxes. Such as, I make the outside form curved and reflective, while the attached form is geometric with a matte surface. Or, one can see the surface and the depth simultaneously. My work is influenced by Taoism. In Taoism, paradoxes are oneness. 

The many paradoxes used, create perceptual shifts changing our perception in the way we see space and form. My intent is to have the viewer feel they are discovering a new sensibility within themselves.