Şener Özmen

Şener Özmen was born in Idil (1971). He graduated from the Department of Painting Education in the Faculty of Education at Cukurova University. He has had several solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad: Germany, France, England, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, the USA, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Swiss, Sweden, Holland, Spain, Yugoslavia and Austria. His articles on exhibitions were published in Birgun Newspaper, Artist Contemporary Art Magazine, Sanat Dünyamiz, Radikal Kitap and Siyahi. His works were shown in Centre Pompidou, Wordly House (Documenta), Stedelijk Museum, Frac, Istanbul Modern, Kunsthalle Fridericianum.

With biting irony, brilliant humour, a clear aesthetic language, and with an outspoken and provocative critical attitude Şener Özmen questions the certainty of existing conditions and situations, authoritarian structures and existing taboos. His subtle and poetic works focus our attention not only on the perception and the changes in the context of art, but refer mainly to the critical problems of social reality in which the artist positions himself and offers his opinion.

Şener Özmen is an IIE Artist Protection Fund Fellow in residence at Montclair State University currently participating in the EFA Studio Program