Heejung Cho

Artist's Website

Cho explores how emotive, visual memories of once-familiar places inevitably distort into architectural abstraction over time.  Cho’s meditations on her fading recollections of her personal landmarks throughout industrial Brooklyn reveal how the mind can deconstruct a familiar facade - consequently evoking a sense of estrangement. Cho reclaims her memory’s reconfiguration of space, time, and place by collaging and sculpting construction materials such as concrete, wood, cardboard, and plaster. Facades shift into jutting and distorted juxtapositions of familiar and unrecognizable. Sharp vantage points echo Cho’s mental attempt to find the familiar loci: the key to remembering where the buildings exist geographically and memorially.

Cho received her BFA at Seoul National University and her MFA at Rutgers University. Since 2009, Cho is an artist in residence at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. Her works have been recognized by Artist studios program at Museum of Arts and Design, New York Foundation for the Arts IAP Mentoring Program, AHL Foundation, Newark Museum, Bronx Museum of Arts, Triangle Arts Association, Dodge Foundation, and the Arts Council of Korea.  Cho exhibits work internationally in Korea, U.S., Sweden and China. She hails from Seoul, Korea and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.