Ronald Hall

Artist's Website

My work is intended to create thought-provoking and narrative interpretations of historical and contemporary African American themes and related issues. Born of fictional or non-fictional stories, these narrative images also strive to provoke the human emotion, to ask questions, to spark a dialogue pertaining to race relations involving human interactions and reactions of or toward the subject matter in various ways. For most of the paintings that I make, the computer plays an important role in the development process as far as color experimentation, composition, and scale. The images used for the collages in some of the paintings can come from various sources such as African American history books, newspapers, or internet resources.

I want the viewers of my work to not only become directly engaged with the imagery, but to also walk away feeling as if they've learned something about themselves or about the relevancy of dealing with social or political issues in contemporary art from the perspective of an African American male.