Dane Patterson

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Each of these drawings begins with my interest in a particular object, found materials such as old family photos of LP album art. I photograph the model with the items covering him or her and then draw from the photograph. The photorealism of the drawings, the time it takes to trace out the details and complete the image, gives me a heightened sense of intimacy with the subject matter. I also enjoy the seriousness attached to this painstaking method when applied to images that are in reality conceived with a good deal of playfulness.

The objects covering the models each have their own connotations, and they interact with and attach their individual meanings to the figure. Especially in the most recent of the images, the objects – money and photographs for example – tend to carry stronger connotations, which become magnified through their imposition on the figure. I like to think of these images of portraits with interferences in which the figure and the objects engage in an interdependent dialogue.