Simonette Quamina

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In my work I’m investigating the possibilities of drawing when it is combined with printmaking and collage on a larger scale.  History, memory, and cultural signifiers are cut and glued together to form a new narrative, which often reference modes of nostalgia.

I rely on several aesthetics and techniques in printmaking to inform the drawings, such as tearing paper and board to achieve a deckled edge, which is then sanded to soften the fibers and produce a rich tonal range when rubbed with powder graphite.  In questioning the function of the matrix beyond the print, surfaces are treated as a print matrix, where they are cut into with gouges, embossed and inked; however they are never printed.  I’ve currently limited my color palette as a mean of fully exploring the materiality of graphite and its ability to reflect, absorb and transcend the idea of memory.   As things are torn apart and cut, there are moments of unfamiliarity, which allow me to explore the materials in ways that also reference fragility and its correlation to the body.