Scott Reynolds

My interests lie in the historical, psychological and philosophical elements that comprise middle class, Middle America's structural environment. Working with these built environments as the impetus, I construct sculptural fictions that explore Middle America's internal story. The story of everyday life in the mass-culture/mass-architecture/popular-culutre of suburbia, the place where the majority of the population of the United States lives. 

My work is not an attempt to directly represent this environment, but an effort to analyze the underlying impulses that drive this social dynamic. I work to present the viewer with an apparition of this social environment, and environment of the gridded, repetitive big box structures and manufactured strip-mall sameness. I explore the alienation within the ordered landscape of seas of self-sequestered suburban tract homes and material signifiers representing both the known and the false. My goal is to take the existing parts of these common belief systems and conditions, to reorder them, reinvesting in them to engage the viewer in America's constructed everywhere environment to promote a dialog.