Del Geist 

Artist's Website

Del Geist has integrated art into the public realm for more than 30 years. As an artist, using the natural sciences as a palette, he has developed major site-specific artworks throughout the USA and Europe. These environmental artworks elicit unique qualities inherent to a place, fostering a viewer’s direct sensory experience. The stone and earthworks, metaphorically, contain of the natural history of a region, and its geology, capturing the spirit and flavor of an area. 

In Artpark, Lewiston, NY, Geist installed a vast group of slate-on-wood structures, referring to Niagara Falls. In Grizedale Forest Sculpture Park, Cumbria, England, Silurian slate centered the energy of an old stone quarry. At the University of Papua New Guinea, in Port Moresby, Geist, working with students, installed a teak wood tower utilizing traditional techniques. Other site-works are at the West Dade Regional Library, Miami, Florida, and Berlin, Germany. Recently, for GSA’s new US Border Station, in Roosville, Montana, collaborating with Patricia Leighton, major specimen boulders were sited amongst earthworks, along a 1,000 foot corridor. Also, in Barnstable, England, coordinating with Devon County Council, a series of stone and earthworks were integrated over a vast new landscape, using stone from the Devonian geological period.