Patricia Leighton 

Artist's Website

“Having grown up surrounded by Scottish hills and mountains of ever-changing color, texture and light; having traveled Britain and Europe viewing ancient sacred sites like the Ring of Brogar in Orkney or Hagar Qim in Malta, I have experienced first-hand a sense of timelessness and hidden mysteries. I seek to capture this sense of presence in my work, and the intrinsic echoes of the landscape. 

Each project addresses the history of the area, the geology, and its people. The scale of the site, its energy, form, and usage are starting points for the development of a site-sculpture. The sculptures become an unexpected extension of the environment, imbued with the spiritual content of the land and its past history.”

Leighton usually works in the open, intervening directly with the landscape. In Scotland she built The Sawtooth Ramps, one of the most impressive examples of Land art in the UK. The seven pyramidal ramps, commissioned by Motorola, are sited adjacent to the M8 motorway along a 1,000 feet corridor, referencing the past history of the area. The landscape and its environs influence her approach and her use of materials. Whether shaping the earth, or working with stone, her sculptures quietly draw the viewer into the work, connecting them to nature.