Yongjae Kim

Artist's Website

When I pause to really look at my environment, I simultaneously sense my location and my self. As I look, I lose myself in a premonition of loss and farewell. This alters my perception of the mundane. I long to stay but know I must ultimately leave.

This evokes a nostalgia for my surroundings even as I look.  The present becomes a lost past, already just a memory. My farewell to the place in which I exist becomes a farewell to myself.

The humble buildings I pass everyday receive little attention from me, but when I stop to look I feel a sense of my own existence, which will remain somewhere in there.  This floods my imagination, my future memory, and my mood.

In my paintings I am searching for my invisible, formless self, hidden in these buildings - a reminder of my presence.  As a temporary resident in this environment, I am compelled to leave a trace of my disappearing presence on my canvas.