Javier Romero

Artist's Website

My work shows the influence of my architectural background and my interest in formal landscaping as artificial nature. Formally, the works are in between abstraction and geometry with minimal punctuations of representational elements. Working largely on paper, these works also explore the territory between different mediums -drawing, collage and photography-, using modest materials such as graphite and found images.

Working simultaneously on various series, the first six images belong to the Sticks and Stones. These more graphic abstract pieces are graphite on cut and collaged paper. In a sculptural way, the density of the graphite cut outs demarcate areas that function as a second layer for more delicate and atmospheric gestures of drawings, projecting opposite concepts: density and lightness, positive and negative.

The last three images belong to the Gardens Floor Plans series. They are graphite and colored pencil drawings on paper with cut outs of photographs of gardens appropriated from old magazines.