Suzan Frecon

Years ago, I was painting with oil paint and thinner, so that the paint material appeared uniformly matte. Little by little I was getting interested in having more substance to the paint. By adding oil to the colors I could get shinier surfaces. With just the pigment and oil I could get more nuanced surfaces that were more immediate, raw and unembellished. The negative/positive play of light on the material of the paint areas became a multi-dimensional, integral, part of the composition.

I also became very focused in strengthening the foundation of my paintings, i.e. that which held them, much as a skeleton holds the body, or the body holds the mind. I began to explore measurements based on time-tested visual proportions.

I seek for my paintings to reach a high, pure form of abstraction, so that they exist on their own strength as painting, without the embellishment, or distraction, or subject or story. (I emphasize subject, not content, because I consider that content and art are integral.)