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Sarah Dineen’s ongoing project Certain Dark Things is a series of large-scale paintings born from Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet XVII. The series addresses painting as a physical force, both in its materiality and in its capacity to echo the properties of sculpture and architecture. It brings together poetry and abstraction as a platform and sanctuary for viewers to find space for interpretation.

I have used Neruda’s poem as a place to begin and a place to pull imagery from its themes of secrecy, love and darkness. As the series has evolved the forms have simplified, the velocity of mark making has slowed, and the idea of presence and monumentality have come to the forefront. The viewer is asked to find their own presence and their own body in relation to the presence of these large-scale forms.

The forms themselves symbolize the body as a container for the self, a vast space of imagination and pure potential, pushing out into the world on its own terms, making its own rules about how much to reveal and how much to conceal.