Patty Cateura

Artist's Website

My paintings explore how one relates to nature in our increasingly technological lives. I hope to counter the passive intake of images that bombard us daily by enticing the viewer to engage and find respite in my painted assimilation of nature.  My art originates from time spent in remote landscapes, hiking, camping and observing nature. Back in my studio, this inspiring exposure yields subtly juxtaposed and flattened abstract shapes of mountains, vistas, canyons and rivers. Color is precisely defined through hand-mixed powder pigment.  Perspective is vast and skewed within the infinite expanse of monochromatic space. Occasional floating and fragmented geometric shapes allude to the man-made. Yet nature prevails in hills, trees, desert and pure color fields. Stylistically, my paintings share aspects of Asian art’s visual serenity, as well as Minimalist painting’s stark linear elegance. Through the openness and often seemingly emptiness of my compositions, I invite the viewer to find their way into my paintings. I aim to evoke nature’s vibrancy, power, scale, and vastness as an arresting visual pause within our increasingly gadget oriented lives.