Rhona Bitner

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Considering the symmetry between theater and photography – in both one enters a black box and an image appears – I examine different angles of the theatrical experience via carefully crafted, comprehensive series of images.

 Each aspect of the practice is rigorously studied, observed and inventoried: the performer in the spotlight - CIRCUS; the confrontation of the mask, and its allusion to humanity - CLOWN; the spotlight, curtain and proscenium as the show begins - STAGE; and recently an encyclopedic work mapping the landscape or inner architecture of American rock n’roll history - LISTEN.

 Projects comprise years of research, travel and corresponding sequences of photographs.

 I am currently developing ATLAS OF EMOTION; considering how an emotion looks when it superimposes itself on an actor’s features, colonizing the surface of their face. The photographs inhabit a space between “portrait” and “landscape” traditions of photography.

 Concurrently I am studying the geographical and historical demonstration of APPLAUSE. The project contains found images and footage as well as my own works of observation.

 My goal is, over time, to construct a methodical visual archive encompassing these (and subsequent) ideas and elements.