Shimon Attie

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Shimon Attie is a renowned multi-media visual artist. His practice includes video, photography, creating site-specific installations in public places, and immersive mixed-media installations for museums and galleries. Attie’s work uses contemporary media to re-imagine new relationships between space, time, place and identity. He is concerned with issues related to human memory and loss, and art’s potential for regeneration. Attie often engages local communities to find new ways of representing their history, present and speculative futures. He’s realized 30 projects in 10 countries around the world. His work has been commissioned, exhibited and collected by such museums as the Museum of Modern Art, NY, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Boston’s ICA, and The National Gallery in Washington, D.C. Attie has received a Guggenheim, The Rome Prize, and Harvard’s Radcliffe Fellowship, among others. In 2013, Attie received the Lee Krasner Award. His work has been the subject of 5 monographs and several films.