Justin Kim

Artist's Website

My work explores perception and memory – specifically how the information received through each is fragmented and elusive, yet made whole through our bodies. In this way our experience of the world oscillates between dissolution and synthesis. Ultimately, I want the images to speak to a broad audience; using familiar terms to challenge our assumed relationships to the world. 

The subject of my work is landscape; sites and spaces that resonate on a personal, aesthetic, and emotional level. The raw materials for these include reference photos, sketches, color swatches, written descriptions – anything I can use to reassemble and reconstitute the experience. Different elements become synchronized in one image: Multiple points of view are combined. Events in the distance are pulled forward. Objects are described based on subjective importance and interest. Color is chosen by sensation and mood.

My materials include water based painting and drawing media. These allow me to experiment with the descriptive means: contour, shape, wash, opacity, pattern, and so on. Forms vary within the same piece: fluid to concrete, schematic to solid, rough to refined. Disparate categories are reconciled: real vs. contrived, drawing vs. painting, ironic vs. sincere, harmonious vs. dissonant. Despite this oscillation between dissolution and synthesis, the body of the viewer is reaffirmed, absorbing fragments and knitting them into a comprehensive vision.