Mattia Casalegno

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Mattia Casalegno is an Italian visual artist working in a variety of media, from video and performances to immersive installations and Virtual Reality. His work explores the physical and sensory perceptions of its viewers, evoking experi- ences that are fully immersive, sensorially embodied, and psychologically heightened. His art practice draws from the most disparate disciplines such as anthropology, ecology, biology, neurosciences, informatics, and focusses on the relations and tensions between Nature, society and new technologies. 

He exhibited internationally in various festivals and museums, such as Mutek Festival in Canada, Kuandu Mu- seum of Fine Arts in Taiwan, MADRE and MACRO in Italy, Rome Fashion Week 2010, Cimatics festival and Nuit Blanche in Belgium, Optronica in UK, Le Cube - Contemporay Art Museum in France, OFFF in Spain, AVIT in Germany, Wright Gallery, AxS Festival, YAA Museum and LACMA in US. 

His work is been featured internationally in publications and catalogues such as “A Touch of Code”, Gestalten Books; “New Media Design”, Sometti; and “Deleuze and Audiovisual Art”, Manchester Metropolitan University, and on media outlets as the Wall Street Journal, Art Tribune, the Creators Projects, Creative Applications, Hyper- allergic, Digicult, Art F City, We Make Money not Art, e-artnow. 

Nominated to the New Technological Art Awards in 2014 and artist is residence at Eyebeam in 2015, he received various grants and fellowships from among others, NEW INC, the Center for Cultural Innovation, Young Italian Artists Network, NYFA, the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts and the Chronus Art Center. In 2018 he is recipient of the Lumen Prize People’s Choice Award. He is currently adunct faculty at department of Digital Arts, Pratt Institute in New York, and the Design+Media department at RISD in Providence, Rhode Island.