Michael Eade

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Painting in egg tempera, I am able to create subtle to intense colors, luminosity and su- per-clarity in my work. My goal is to create lush, inviting landscapes evoking a super-real realm between fantasy, reality and memory.

My work draws on my daily life, travels, the web, and the cultural and visual art histories of both Eastern and Western landscape traditions. I often reference specific artworks which in the past have included Claude Lorrain drawings, Albrecht Dürer woodcuts and Wang Hui paintings. Working intuitively, I transform all of these sources into landscapes based on real world places associated with mythologies. I invite viewers to embark on visual tours of unknown yet familiar landscapes, becoming a part of their cultural and emotional consciousness.

Egg tempera is an ancient archival painting technique mixing egg yolk, dry ground pig- ments and water applied to a gesso prepared wood panel or canvas. I also work in other mediums including verre églomisé, another ancient technique applying precious metal leafs and pigments onto the reverse side of glass.

Eade's up-coming solo exhibitions will be at Tong Gallery + Projects (2019), Beijing and Fou Gallery (2019), Brooklyn, NY.